Client meetings - what's the point?

Client meetings - what's the point?

 15 Oct 2018

    Building relationships

This is me (Sian) out and about meeting a great customer to discuss their Senior finance vacancy.  I really enjoyed the tour of the facilities and seeing the extremely efficient process of order to manufacturing, import and fulfillment.

What is the benefit of meeting our clients, well firstly meeting the senior leadership team to get a feel for strategy of the company

  • Understand who the competitors are and how they are positioned within the market
  • The size and turnover to ascertain relevant candidates from a similar background
  • See and feel the organisation - understand its culture, what the vision is all about, is there parking or decent coffee (!)
  • Build trust - hopefully the benefit to our client is that they begin to build a trust and understanding in our business/our approach
  • Build credibility in me!  Ultimately if you haven't met me, why should you entrust me with the recruitment process of a critical hire?
  • Look into the whites of my eyes!  We are a people business at the end of the day - lets get to know each other


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