Thank you goes a long way

Thank you goes a long way

 30 Aug 2018

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Beautiful card received - thanks Celine, and corporate colours too!  A 'thank you' goes a long way and the kind words written inside a potent reminder as to what this business is all about.   

It also cements what a difference working with a seasoned recruiter can make - at the most basic level, the difference between finding the perfect job and not. 

The ripple effect of finding the right role is far reaching.  Being happy in your role means you enjoy life more, on average in the UK we spend 42 hours at work per week so we might as well enjoy what we do.

Our friends and family are happier as they hear about the good things you are achieving, influencing, and contributing to rather than hearing about negatives.

As a recruitment business, its not just about the proverbial 'bum on seat', we care.  We have done a good job when we know our candidates love their job and our clients can achieve their objectives.

So thank you to you too Celine for doing a great job, and to the rest of my candidates for choosing Baywell Search to assist with your job search.


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