Autumn update

Autumn update

 5 Oct 2021

Here we are, autumn.

What’s been happening?  Well, we have ebbed and flowed through a relatively quiet summer, certainly compared to pre-covid levels.  The mood has definitely been one of “wait and see”.  The busiest sectors have been without doubt produce and FMCG.

The market is once again very much a candidate driven market and skills are in short supply.  I have read a lot recently about the global skills shortage and we have felt it acutely in everyday lives – anyone struggled to get petrol recently?!

Seriously though, it is affecting all sectors and in the supply chain in some form or another.

As predicted, COVID is running rampant through schools.  Thankfully people aren’t getting quite so ill but in its place is mass disruption as children have to isolate and parents are back taking time off to look after them or home schooling those who are COVID positive but not unwell.  The knock-on effect being rescheduled interviews, protracted recruitment processes and lost opportunities.

Now into October, we finally see the end of the furlough scheme which is going to be hard for some individuals and businesses as they make difficult decisions about the future, but could this be the stimulus required for the long awaited ‘bounce back’?

It was hoped that when the furlough scheme ended the market would quickly recover, especially now employees who were disgruntled before seek to find a role that offers a better work/life balance for example. Having seen how the market has changed I think it might take a bit longer to recover and the quick bounce back might not be as frisky, as both business and people regain confidence before they make their next move. 

So, quarter four, we are coming for you!!  Lets have a good end to what has been a distinctly mixed  and unpredictable year!



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