Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week

 11 May 2021

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    Mental Health

Unsurprisingly this pandemic has had a massive impact on the UK work force since remote working came into being.  For some, the change has been of benefit, for others, not so positive. 

66% of workers have found themselves more anxious about work since working remotely according to the CIPD.

One in six workers have concerns about their mental health, 89% of those state its directly impacting on their working life (

What about the senior leaders?  Research from Bupa Global revealed that 64% of senior leaders have suffered from mental health conditions such as anxiety, stress and depression with work often cited as the key contributor.

58% of business leaders say its hard to talk about mental health.  There is less support for mental health issues since becoming more senior and what’s more worrying is that there is fear associated in raising a historically taboo subject, that in doing so may affect the perception of their capabilities and career prospects.

At least with the pandemic bringing mental health awareness into focus, I sincerely hope that more employers are taking this seriously now.

It’s a generational thing that mental health is not talked about or even acknowledged as a real issue.  HR leaders are doing their best to drive mental health initiatives and there is so much more now that employers have introduced such as installing mental health first aiders, counselling referrals, meditation, yoga and holistic approaches to reduce stress.

Thankfully the tide is turning but there is such a long way to go.  The more employers accept this is real, the more we can help each other to reduce the burden and ultimately become happy, engaged, motivated, productive and stress free – well as much as we can be of course!


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