Hello spring

Hello spring

 23 Apr 2021

Anyone else feeling invigorated?!  

Its been a long hard winter and a very difficult year prior for obvious reasons.  Now children are back at school and the economy starts to heal its wounds, there is a renewed sense of optimism.

The new found freedom and shift in routine is welcome.  Businesses are able to tentatively look forward with a sense of hope, daring to think of the future.

It seems there is an appetite to get people back working in the office but its not something that is being rushed.  The 17th of May is in many diaries.

Some companies are preferring to keep the WFH arrangement for the rest of the year, others continuing with a hybrid arrangement of 50/50 WFH and office based for the foreseeable.

Finally the spring feels like its firmly here, now with a bit of warmth, is gathering pace.  I took this photo this morning in the apple orchards at the front of the farm. The best decision I made last year was to move offices.  Being surrounded by nature is much more me!

Energy follows thought so the more you think of the possibilities of what can happen rather than dwelling on what isn't working, you are attracting more good things to happen.

Wherever you are, however you are feeling, keep positive as the worm has turned now and bit by bit, things will get better.


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