2020 What's been happening?

2020 What's been happening?

 8 Sep 2020

I can’t believe its been 6 months since I updated the blog – and what a 6 months its been.  As we settle into the ‘new normal’ post COVID-19, we have seen a shift in working practices like never before, yet the resilience of industry has really shown how agile we can be when swift, unexpected change is upon us.

From my perspective at Baywell Search, its been up and down, April and May being eerily quiet, with June and July seeing a surge in activity.  The August summer lull was very sleepy this year, whilst I think people who have been working took a much needed break, making the most of summer holidays.  It is with such gratitude that I can confidently say (touching wood as I write) we are still very active and 100% still in business!

Generally speaking about other businesses now, there will be more change and redundancies as the furlough scheme comes to an end, however, my hunch, for what its worth, is that now children are back at school, companies that are in a strong position who may have cut back too severely during lockdown, employees are returning to the office (I refer to the Kent market), we will see an uptick in activity for Q4. 

Interesting Facts and figures;

  • Jobs posted in April fell by 57% compared with march (no surprise here!)
  • In May, job add growth fell by a further 3%
  • June was the first month to see growth in jobs posted, 14% above May, though this is still less than half of the number of jobs posted in January
  • From January to April, jobs received an average of 3 applications
  • The lowest number of applications received was in March
  • In May and June, responses to adverts grew on average by 1 in each month respectively

What does this tell us?

Essentially the applications have dropped despite the redundancies earlier in lockdown, which tell us the uncertainty of the market has affected candidates just as much as clients.

What we can expect to see now is a job short market, where application numbers increase per job until the job market begins to level out.

There is varying opinion as to when this will happen, but a recent survey amongst recruiters showed that 57% felt a recovery would be underway but the end of 2020.

So what’s different;

  • In the Kent market, there are some sectors that are more open to home working.  In particular, Accountancy Practices, Consultancy type businesses
  • Many businesses do not see home working as a long term solution, but for the time being its being used to keep staff in ‘bubble’s’ and rotate working patterns to free up space for social distancing
  • A high percentage of interviews are still being held virtually, which makes the recruitment process more time effective
  • Companies are now bringing staff back into the office
  • Contract roles are preferable to permanent hires

I know everyone is worrying about a second wave, but what businesses are telling me is they have plans in place should this occur so that their business will be in a stronger position to carry on with minimal disruption.  We live in a very enterprising County, with many product-based businesses that are still very much in demand.  Where businesses have economised and been cautious, as revenue increases, it could quickly become apparent they need to hire again.

I remain very much optimistic on the situation, and wish everyone positive vibes to keep doing what you are doing.

We are a resilient nation and know we have got this.  


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